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Did you know?


Defective corks: let’s run some numbers!

Every day 1 million bottles of wine are thrown out because they have defective corks. This translates into 360 million a year for every 12 billion corked bottles. … [...]


How do you recycle a stopper?

Nomacorc polyethylene stoppers are made of a single plastic material that is fully recyclable via normal recycling channels together with many other materials, therefore they are easily recycled and reused for other purposes. … [...]


How much water does it take to make wine?

Approximately 1514 liters of water are used to make a bottle of wine (this estimate includes the water used to make the glass bottle, the labels, the packaging etc.), however only one drop of water is used to make a Nomacorc stopper. … [...]

About us

How many times have you selected a wine bottle, prepared the right food combinations, chosen the decanter or prepared the ice bucket, carefully opened the bottle and then…the wine tasted like cork!
The disappointment that ruins the anticipation proves once and for all how just how important the cork really is. Up to now, one couldn't find out what type of cork was used to seal a bottle of wine, except for stelvin screw caps. That's why we launched the site “Io non so di tappo” ["I don't taste like cork"], a collection of quality Italian and International wines that are cork-flavor free! The makers of these wines have chosen Nomacorc, the world's leading manufacturer of alternative wine corks. [...]



The Preservation of Perfection
At Nomacorc, we go to great lengths to create the world's best wine closures. Closures that allow winemakers to rest assured that the wine they pour their heart and soul into will be enjoyed exactly the way it was intended.[...]